A note from

& Idris Elba

We are thrilled for you to try S’ABLE Labs!

We started this company because we’re passionate about partnership and the relationships that make up our lives. We believe that a simple and effective skincare routine can dramatically shift how we feel, creating a small but intentional step towards positive change. After all, people who feel good, do good. We’ve developed all our products to have maximum effect on our skin with minimal impact on the planet; consciously made with responsible and traceable ingredients and sustainably packaged.

We hope you love using them, as much we loved creating them.

What is S’ABLE Labs?

Hey, welcome to S’ABLE Labs. We’re a wellbeing brand for all beings, yes you. Let’s be honest, the wellness industry has (for too long) felt exclusive, elusive and gendered - plus, it’s not always kind to the planet. But, we’ve got a good feeling about the future.

That’s why we exist: to make people feel so good, they are able to treat one another and the planet better. Founded by Sabrina and Idris Elba in 2020, we care about people, and partner with them to co-create conscious products that work, and welcome all. From our supply chain partners (who we know personally), to our curious community, we work to build lasting connections that can help drive positive change, together.

Starting with our Coupledom podcast that connects inspiring individuals, we have evolved to wellbeing products that are designed to be shared. Our first product is skincare, that cares for all skin, as we believe this is the foundation of everyone’s wellbeing journey. We will continuously evolve with you, always keeping partnership, honesty
and compassion at our core.

So, will you join us? S’ABLE Labs,
wellbeing for all beings.

So what is Coupledom?

It’s an Audible Original Podcast hosted by Idris and Sabrina, right? Well, yes but to us, at S’ABLE Labs it’s about more than that. Coupledom is our guiding star and the desired outcome for everything that we put our minds to; whether you're wearing, listening to or reading our products. At S’ABLE Labs, we believe every moment worth having is working sharing.

The S’ABLE Labs definition of coupledom (no need to google it):
The realm of shared experiences between two partners in life or business, creating extraordinary outcomes.

What is The Hub by S’ABLE Labs?

Join us as we explore the topic of coupledom through our relationship with the planet, with our partners, with our families, with our friends, and with ourselves. The hub is your go-to for exclusive interviews with power duos, expert-led conversations on partnership and tips and tricks to optimize your many shared experiences curated by Idris and Sabrina Elba. We take inspiration from powerful partnerships, so much so that we build our content around their stories.

We aim to educate and activate, but also to make you smile.

How do I get in touch?

For customer Service: community@sablelabs.co